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Pedagogue and lectures of modern and street dance techniques in the Czech Republic.

In Slovakia she was operating in dance group Modance and in Scenic-Ballet School Mystic. She starred in the musical Rek Zorba (Zorba the Greek).

After she moved to the Czech Republic, she got into professional dance ensembles IF and Dance2xs, which participated in many TV shows (Superstar, Stardance, Bailando, GoGoshow and more…) and commercial projects (promo-show, ads etc.)

She starred in musicals The Exlir of Life, Jesus Christ Superstar, Quasimodo, Mamma Mia and more.

She created choreography for musical Andilci za skolou (Skipping School Angels) and also participated in musical White Dalmatin (Theatre Kalich) and projects like 50th anniversary of the Sazka betting company, Urban Night, Redken Hair Show, Campbell’s Soup Commercial etc.

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