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What is the Nomination?

Nomination is a combination of Age Category and quantity of performing members in the performance and Genre and Style of the performance. It is very important to know to create just competition.

1.0 Nominations


1.1 Age Categories

BABY: up to 7 years

JUNIOR: 8–11 years
MIDDLE: 12–16
STUDENT: 17–26 years

SENIOR: from 26 years


1.2 Genres & Styles

1. Choreographic
a) Classical dance (pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist) (in case of solo pick: men/women) (in case of girls pick up: pointe/not pointe shoes)
b) Ballroom dance (pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist) (in case of solo pick: men/women) 
c) Folk dance (pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist) (in case of solo pick: men/women) 
d) Variety dance (pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist) (in case of solo pick: men/women) 
e) Modern dance (pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist) (in case of solo pick: men/women)

2. Vocal
a) Academic (pick up: ensemble/duet
b) Folk (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist)
c) Variety (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist)
d) Jazz (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist)
e) A capella (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist) 

3. Instrumental
a) Classical (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist – 1 instrument)
b) Folk (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist – 1 instrument)
c) Variety (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist – 1 instrument)
d) Jazz (
pick up: ensemble/duet/trio/soloist – 1 instrument) 

4. Visual Arts
a) Free work for the lowest age category
b) Drawing (still life, portrait, landscape scene)
c) Painting (still life, portrait, landscape scene)

5. Theatrical
a) Dance theatre
b) Vocal theatre
c) Variety theatre
d) Fashion theatre

Please note: Price of the participation in the festival includes 2 performances in one nomination and possibly participation in the Gala concert (according to the decision of the jury). Participation in additional nominations is available for extra payment. This is valid also for participants of the visual genre.


2.0 Technical Requirements

Sound for the performance must be provided on a high quality compact disc CD-R (Compact Disc Digital Audio). Each record must be provided separately (1 CD - 1 track) and with description (title of the record, name of the composer, title of the competition number, name of the competing collective or surname of the soloist, duration of the record in minutes).

Participation in the visual arts genre requires: sketch paper (block, minimal size A3) and folders for paper, colour and proprieties according to the technique (pastel colour, crayon, drawing ink, water-colours or other paint). The exhibition will be placed on stands (easels). Works must be prepared for placing at the exhibition, every work must have a date and sign of the author on it.

Singing on playback is forbidden.

All participants have at the disposal: three dynamic microphones and two headphone sets. In case additional microphones will be needed, participants may use their own or rent some for additional price. Description on CD must be written readably in capital letters.

Back-up CD for sound tracks is OBLIGATORY.

Every participant (collective or soloist) can present only 2 competition performances in one nomination.

Duration of numbers: group – max. 4 minutes, soloist – max. 3 minutes.

Chairman of the jury has the right to stop a performance of a competition number (in case the time disposition is markedly exceeded) or repeat the number (in case of technical disruptions).

Duration of the pieces performed may be shortened; in such case the organizers will announce it beforehand.


3.0 Awarding and Evaluation Scale

Evaluation scale
Jury evaluates participants and their works. Jury uses 10-grades scale, 10 is the highest mark.

Members of the jury judge every competition number with two marks. Counting commission subsequently averages the marks in the computer. The chairman of the jury may award third mark, if average marks are irresolute, i. e. the results are identical.

1st mark is awarded for: technical achievement, musicality, complexity, accuracy, scenic and aesthetic culture.
2nd mark is awarded for: artistic expression, performing, repertory accurate to the age categorz and the interpreter’s abilities. Uncovering of the artistic object.
3rd mark is awarded: by the chairmen of the jury in case of irresolute results in marks of the contestants.

The marks are analysed by the counting commission after the competitive section of the festival closes.

Awarding ceremony: day, time and place will be specified in the programme of the festival until the arrival date of the participants.

Awarding of the Participants
Results of the competition will be announced according to the work of the counting commission. All participants of the festival will be awarded with “Competition - Festival Participant’s Diploma”.


The winners of the nominations of the competition program are awarded as laureates of the 1st to 3nd grade or diplomants of 1st to 3rd grade according to the achieved marks (it means that the scale goes from the 1st to the 6th person in one nomination). Soloists and small forms will be given apart from the diplomas also medals according to the achieved grade.


Each of the groups or ensembles participating will get a crystal glass hemisphere with artistic engraved logo of the festival.

Main prizes of the festival:
Jury Award – crystal glass sphere with artistic engraved logo of the festival or voucher for AVE BOHEMIA workshop
Special Guest Award – crystal glass sphere with artistic engraved logo of the festival
Grand Prix of the Festival – crystal glass vase with artistic engraved logo of the festival, voucher for one-off participation in the International Competition - Festival AVE BOHEMIA participation voucher valid for three years.

Decision of jury is considered final and undisputed for all the stages of the contest.


4.0 Awarding and Evaluation Scale

Rights of Jury
The jury members are arranged by the festival management and announced before the festival, when genres of performances are already known. The jury includes a chairperson and an even number of members. Renowned artists, representatives of all genres, who recovered international acknowledgement for their artistic and pedagogic work, are invited.

The jury has right not to award prizes, to award one prize more times or award additional prizes and motivating diplomas.

Rights of Organisers
AVE production agency is the official organiser of the festival AVE BOHEMIA. 

Organisers of the festival possess independent decision making right to expel participants in case of inappropriate behaviour (i.e. insults, statements or activities directed against other participants, excessive complaints about decisions of jury.).

Organisers have right to cancel the event in case of unexpected situation, of course informing all participants in advance. Further rights see in Ordering & Payment Instructions.

Multimedia production of any kind connected with AVE BOHEMIA festival is considered organizers' property. It is allowed to be used and/or copied only with organizers‘ permission in written form.


5.0 Ordering & Payment Instructions

​5.1 After receiving the Participation Form, you will get the Official Confirmation of Receiving the Participation Form, Nomination Form and an invoice.

  • Filled Nomination Form is to be sent back to the geniabalet@volny.cz, so the details about your performance are counted in.

  • After the payment is received, you will get the Official Invitation (and voucher for the accommodation according to your order).

5.2 Payment deadlines are:

  • deposit, at least 50 % of the price, has to be payed in 5 work days after you receive the invoice, or the participation will be cancelled

  • the rest has to be payed at least 45 days before the beginning of the event, or the participation will be cancelled

5.3 Payment is processed in EUR, to the IBAN account stated in the invoice. Other forms of payment can be discussed with the organisers. 

5.4 Sanctions

  • if the participant will cancel his participation 46 or more days before the beginning of the event, full deposit will returned

  • 45 day before the event, only 50 % of deposit is refundable

  • 30 days or less before the event, the deposit is not refundable  


5.5 AVE production is not responsible for cancellation or changing of schedule of the trains or flights or any other transport facilities, nor for subsequent changes to the program. In those cases the travel companies are responsible according to their terms and conditions. 

5.6 AVE production is not responsible for situations or accidents, that happened due braking conditions or rules of standard behaviour.

  • Bags, valuable possessions or money loss

  • Illness, injury or death 

5.7 In case of some damage done by the participant of the event, it should be replaced or refunded by the participant right away.

5.8 If case of any objections, the participant must submit claims as soon as they arise, about which a written protocol is drawn up, certified by the signature of the participant and the representative of AVE production. In the absence of such protocol, the organisers consider the claims of the participant, which arose after the end of the event, objectless.

5.9 The organizers provide visa support. The consulate's refusal to issue a visa to the participant is not a basis for canceling the order without applying penalties. 

5.10 By applying for participation, you consent to the use of your personal data, the organizer undertakes to use your personal data in accordance with the GDPR law. All multimedia materials created at the festival are considered by the organizers as their property.

5.11 In case of natural disasters, the parties have the right to waive obligations.


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