January 16, 2021

Spring 2021 is coming

Nobody knows what is going to happen next – but this does not mean, that you should not plan anything! If there is nothing to look forward, people are getting sad. Join us in our planning for the spring 21!

Jevgenij Vrublevskij

art director 


April 10, 2020

Results of the AVE BOHEMIA spring 2020

Full details of the couting of the results for the spring 2020.

Jevgenij Vrublevskij

art director


December 12, 2020

Update on 2021

Due to the pandemic situation there will be inevitebly some changes to our programe too. But don't worry, we will carry on as soon as it will be possible.

Jevgenij Vrublevskij

art director 


Jevgenij Vrublevskij
art director of the festival

+420 602 410 242


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Viktorija Vrublevska
general director

+420 602 410 242

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